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Summer Spring 2014 collection “SEVATI” by Putri

The Concept Responding to the current spring summer trend 2014, which is “Florals for the dawn of feminity”, we present our new brand SEVATI by Putri Komar. Sevati is made from Batik tulis process, the process of covering wax and silk painting polished by embroidery details. The flower motifs inspired by some Indonesian tropical flowers […]

SEVATI @ Singapore, May 2014

SEVATI by Putri Urfanny Komar @ Singapore 21st May 2014 kemarin, SEVATI berpartisipasi dalam Fashion Show yang diadakan oleh Kedutaan Indonesia di Singapore dalam acara The Indonesian Fashion and Culinary Trend. karya yang ditampilkan adalah didesain, dicanting bahkan diwarnai sendiri oleh Putri Urfanny sendiri. SEVATI, Ka Putri dan Para Model SEVATI, Ka Putri dan Para […]